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There's no need for this to happen.
safety systems provide a new & unique experience in trailering. Gone are the days when you'll be looking nervously over your shoulder every time you hit a rough patch to ensure that your trailer is still attached to your vehicle. No more worries -- no more nervousness.

SHUR - TOW  The ORIGINAL Coupler Guard is designed to keep you coupled up no matter what happens. Attaching to your existing drawbar or step bumper in minutes, it consists of a base with a rotatable cap which rests above your attached coupler to prevent it from accidentally slipping off the ball. You'll arrive the way you left - With your trailer in tow. Properly attached, the SHUR - TOW guard comes into play before safety chains, relegating them to a secondary, rather than primary, means of safety equipment while allowing full trailer & vehicle control at all times. You no longer need to depend on unreliable safety chains or cables as a primary back-up system.

SHUR - TOW  The ORIGINAL Coupler Guard can be used with all types of trailers from small dump trailers all the way up to 30ft or larger house trailers with a ball & hitch coupler. Suitable for boats, ATV's, snowmobiles, landscape trailers, car haulers, cargo trailers, horse trailers, campers, etc.
Available in 3 models, SHUR - TOW
  "COBRA 3000"
works with all standard height ball sizes ranging from 1 7/8 " to 2" with shaft diameters of 3/4" or 1" on any "Trigger" style or "Quick-Latch" coupler, SHUR - TOW "VIPER 4000" will accommodate UFP & "Bulldog" style couplers on a 2" ball, while SHUR - TOW "KING 4500 HD" is designed for "Trigger" style latches on a 2 5/16" ball with shaft sizes ranging from 1" to 1 1/4". Knockouts are provided in the base for your specific application.

SHUR - TOW  The ORIGINAL Coupler Guard doubles as a theft deterrent when equipped with a standard padlock. You have thousands of dollars invested in your equipment. -- Why not protect it?

Just imagine the peace of mind, knowing that your trailer is secure & you'll arrive safely.

From our centrally located packaging plant in Ontario, we provide fast shipping throughout all of Canada & the continental U.S. with speed and precision. Our on-time and safety records are remarkable and illustrates why we are regarded as one of the nation's finest .


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  P.O. Box 114
 Port Colborne Ont. L3K 5V7
"SHUR - TOW " is an idea whose time has come. I can't believe how relaxed I was knowing that my cargo trailer was going to stay coupled on, even on the rough construction sites I work in every day.

-Jeff Armbrust
JJs Framing

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