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SHUR - TOW  was originally founded in 1989 by Mike Bertin. As a child, Mike would help out in his father's garage as he moonlighted in building boat & box trailers on the weekends. "My first trailering experience came when I was only 9 years old. On rare occasions, my father would let me drive his truck (slowly) along the back roads while he walked along behind to be sure the trailer tracked straight." As this progressed they noticed that the couplers needed to be adjusted to each & every individual hitch ball. "So we made all the necessary adjustments & didn't think any more about it. Every once in a while we would hear about a trailer letting go, some with damage, some without & just assumed that the operator didn't adjust the coupler (or used the wrong size ball, which was quite common). That ended one day as we were approaching a large oncoming truck & had to swerve onto the shoulder of the road to give room. We hit a pothole with an empty trailer & the thing just took off & rolled over three times in the field, with the latch still coupled with a padlock. We retrieved the trailer & drove home, thankful that no one was injured, & immediately began working on a better safety device.....SHUR - TOW  was born. Unfortunately it only fit his vehicle. So I spent the next 2 years walking around parking lots with a tape measure & a notepad, gathering all the information I could. Designing & re-designing, we finally achieved the result we were looking for. During a brief marketing campaign, my father unfortunately passed away & SHUR - TOW  was temporarily put on the shelf."

 In the meantime, life got in the way while Mike & his lovely wife Kelly were busy raising a family. After hearing recently of a fatal accident in Ontario due to the loss of a trailer into an oncoming lane Mike realized that SHUR - TOW needed to be revived to prevent this from re-occurring. "SO--We're back!!" 

Mike created an effective system for safe trailer towing. Using cutting edge technology, Mike could improve on the currently mandated safety systems in use today. SHUR - TOW The ORIGINAL safety bracket is by far the most effective trailer hitch accessory you'll ever use.

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(All videos courtesy of Dangerous Trailers.org.)

(905) 321-7204
P.O.Box 114
 Port Colborne Ont. L3K 5V7
Mike sure knows his stuff and has a genuine concern for trailer safety... Such a simple, well made product to protect more than just your rig or anything else you tow but the public as well...

Thanks Mike.... GREAT JOB!

Doug Ferguson

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