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"I was always the guy who said: "It won't happen to me!" Boy, was I wrong. All it took was a roller-coaster highway to dislodge my boat trailer on the way up to the cottage. Chains held, but the tongue went right through my tailgate, taking my back-up camera with it. Boat was okay but it was still an expensive trip. AND THE LOCK WAS STILL ON THE COUPLER!! Won't happen again. Bought one for me & now all my fishing buddies are getting one too.

-Cliff H.

"Thanks to SHUR - TOW , I was safely able to transport my injured horse to the vet. Not having used the trailer in almost a year, I couldn't get the coupler tightened up all the way as it had rusted while sitting. I put my faith in  SHUR - TOW  & it didn't let me down. I recommend it to everyone who tows a trailer. Thanks!"

-Heather Beam
Allstate Stables

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